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Wearables in the Enterprise with Stephen Forte

Episode #999 Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Stephen Forte about the continuing evolution of wearables and their role in the workplace. The conversation starts out focused on the most visible of the wearables today - Google Glass. Does it have a role in the enterprise? That's a tricky concept. Steve talks about retail and more industrial applications, places where workers in motion get additional contextual information to improve their work. Human instrumentation is a big part of the wearable market as well, like FitBit. Steve talks about making sure workers move enough - not sitting too long, not walking too far, and so on. And there's more instrumentation to talk about, check out the links in the show notes!


Stephen Forte

Stephen Forte a managing partner at Fresco Capital and the co-founder and accelerator director of the Laudato Si’ Challenge, inspired by Pope Francis. Prior he was the Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik, a leading vendor of developer and team productivity tools (acquired by Progress Software.) Stephen was the founder of Mach5, a Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator and co-founder of AcceleratorHK, Hong Kong’s first startup accelerator. Stephen has an MBA from the City University of New York and did post-grad work at the London School of Economics. An avid mountain climber, Stephen leads a trek in the Mt. Everest region every fall to raise money for charity. After several years as an ex-pat in Hong Kong, Stephen now lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter. @worksonmypc


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