.NET Rocks!

Real World Single Page Apps with Cory House

Episode #997 Wednesday, June 18, 2014

While at NDC, Carl and Richard chat with Cory House about his experiences building Single Page Applications for the automotive industry. Cory talks about the challenges of the industry, including supporting both IE7 and IE8 running on Windows XP and iPad devices. Quite a span of technology there! The conversation digs into UI design, the integration of third party services and meeting the expectations of a customer that is not all that focused on technology. Cory digs into the idea of SPA as a classic desktop application replacement - it can be done!


Cory House

Cory is principal consultant at reactjsconsulting.com, where he helps teams transition to modern JavaScript and React. Cory is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, and international speaker. He has trained over 10,000 software developers at conferences and businesses worldwide. Cory has authored Pluralsight courses on JavaScript, React, C#, and ASP.NET, and he is active on Twitter as @housecor.


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