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Building Functional Communities with Bryan Hunter

Episode #995 Thursday, June 12, 2014

While at NDC in Oslo, Carl and Richard talked to Bryan Hunter about his experiences building communities around functional programming. Bryan talks about the transformative moment he had first encountering functional code in the form of an Erlang service. The conversation digs into the thinking around the weaknesses of object orientation, it's motivations and the idea that maybe, today, it is obsolete. Is functional programming really the way? Bryan discusses how communities are forming around functional that are inspiring and forward thinking. Maybe it's time for a change?


Bryan Hunter

Bryan Hunter is a geek, a partner at Firefly Logic, the founder of NashFP, and a Microsoft MVP in F#. Bryan is obsessed with functional programming, community building and Lean. He has been speaking on each of these subjects tirelessly for years at meetups, pubs, user groups, and conferences. You can say hi to Bryan on Twitter (@bryan_hunter) and see what Firefly Logic is all about here: http://fireflylogic.com


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