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DevOps on TFS with Brian Randell

Episode #984 Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Carl and Richard chat with Brian Randell about the latest version of Team Foundation Server and it's ability to support a DevOps practice in your organization. The conversation starts off with Brian's thoughts on DevOps in general, focusing on automation of deployment and package management. Brian also talks about the role of the cloud in building software fast, as well as the challenges around instrumentation in production. While the tools are still evolving, Microsoft is making some serious strides - you should check them out!


Brian Randell

Brian A. Randell is a well-known developer, speaker, author, and technologist. He is currently a Partner with MCW Technologies LLC, a consulting firm, and co-founder of DuoMyth, a new, born-in-the-Microsoft cloud SaaS education platform company. For more than 25 years he has been building software solutions. He educates teams on Microsoft technologies via writing and training-both in-person and on demand. He's currently a Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP focusing on DevOps, agile development practices, virtualization, and Microsoft Azure. When not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two children who enjoy making him look bad on the Xbox One (with and without Kinect).


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