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Developing for SmartGlass with Neil Black

Episode #973 Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Neil Black from the XBox team about SmartGlass. SmartGlass is Microsoft's technology for utilizing smartphones and tablets as an extension of the XBox. Neil talks about the various roles that the 'second screen' can play in XBox applications and games. The conversation digs into how SmartGlass works with television events to create a more social experience, how you can provide secret information to game players on an otherwise shared screen, and more! If you're up for doing some SmartGlass development, grab the SDK, the link is included in the show links!


Neil Black

Neil Black is a Principal Program Manager for the Xbox SmartGlass Platform. The Xbox SmartGlass Platform team delivers the Xbox SmartGlass SDK that enables developers to create SmartGlass Companions – second-screen experiences that can either be hosted inside the Xbox SmartGlass app or be delivered as part of a standalone 'SmartGlass-enabled' mobile application. The team also delivers the SmartGlass APIs in the Xbox Development Kit that allows developers create Xbox games and apps that are SmartGlass-enabled. Neil has worked at Microsoft for over 22 years having worked on Office, MSN, and Bing in addition to Xbox.


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