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The Mobile Development Stack with Burke Holland

Episode #970 Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Burke Holland about building mobile apps. But the conversation starts out with an announcement - Telerik's KendoUI is going open source! Burke talks a bit about the history of KendoUI and how it has evolved over the years, including a KendoUI Mobile (which is also open source). That leads to a discussion about mobile development as a whole, including his preferred tools and styles for building apps across different mobile platforms, comparing native, hybrid and web development on the smartphone and where tablets fit into this story.


Burke Holland

Burke Holland is a web developer who hangs out in Nashville, TN, even though he doesn't really care for country music. He is a recovering Adobe Flex developer and current JavaScript / HTML5 fanatic working as a Developer Evangelist For Kendo UI. You can find him blogging for Kendo UI and on his personal blog A Shiny New Me. He hangs out on twitter as @burkeholland and avoids Facebook altogether. He has an obsession with Instagram and once updated everyone's last name in the corporate ERP database to "Holland". He is not a fan of SQL.


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