.NET Rocks!

Structured Logging with Nicholas Blumhardt

Episode #966 Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Carl and Richard chat with Nicholas Blumhardt about his work on Serilog, a structured logging tool. But first, the conversation dives a bit into Octopus Deploy, an awesome tool for helping you manage your application packages and help deploy them to testing, pre-production, production, and so on. Then on to the main event - Nicholas' amazing Serilog product. Logging is a pain, and Serilog makes it as painless as possible - one line per log entry, and configuration to write your log anywhere: text files, other logging products, even Event Tracing for Windows!


Nicholas Blumhardt

Nicholas Blumhardt is a keen developer, technologist and entrepreneur, with experience building large-scale platform software at Microsoft, developer tools including Seq and Octopus Deploy, and a wide range of consumer and enterprise software systems. Nick has had a long involvement with open source software in .NET, by founding projects like Autofac, Serilog and Sprache, and working on some of the first open-source components of the .NET Base Class Library (BCL). Nick is co-founder at Datalust and maintains a technical blog at nblumhardt.com.


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