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EU Data Protection Laws with Hugh Jones

Episode #965 Thursday, April 3, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Hugh Jones about EU Data Protection laws. But first, a long discussion about the NSA revelations and the surveillance culture we're living in today. Hugh talks about the evolving perceptions around privacy and how data needs to be better protected. From there, Hugh dives into the EU Data Protection laws, which apply not only to companies doing business in the EU, but companies outside of the EU that are handling EU citizen data. The focus is on personally identifiable information - what is it, how do you handle it, how do you protect it, when does it become too risky to keep. Good thinking around data protection!


Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones is a senior partner at Sytorus Ltd, independent Data Protection consultant. Sytorus works with organisations to help them achieve and maintain compliance with the European Data Protection legislation. An added benefit of such compliance is the improved data management discipline which this drives within an organisation, from improved staff awareness, to increased security and timely destruction of data, thereby reducing operational and reputational risk. Hugh facilitates projects to design and deploy appropriate policies and procedures in relation to information security, data quality and records retention, and regularly conducts maturity assessments and process evaluations with member organisations. Hugh can be contacted at Sytorus (Hugh.Jones@Sytorus.com / www.sytorus.com.


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