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Release Management with Micheal Learned

Episode #961 Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Carl and Richard chat with Micheal Learned about modern release management with Visual Studio. The conversation starts like many do when it comes to ALM: what's hard, and what's easy. And let's face it - releasing software properly is often hard! Micheal talks about the various pitfalls that folks fall into around releasing software and how today's environment just won't tolerate those mistakes any more. This leads to a discussion about release pipelines (check out the great doc in the show notes) and Microsoft's acquisition of InRelease by InCycle Software. If you've got an MSDN license, you have to take a look at Release Management! And if you don't, take the trial out for a spin, it's worth it!


Micheal Learned

Micheal Learned is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, working with customers worldwide to implement Visual Studio ALM. He is also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger and has contributed to MSDN magazine and to many other projects and events—both internal and external—for Microsoft. Micheal focuses on helping Microsoft’s customers with .NET development and Application Lifecycle Management. He can be reached at twitter via @mlhoop.


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