.NET Rocks!

Talking with Robert Hurlbut

Episode #96 Monday, January 17, 2005

Independent Software developer and Visual C# MVP Robert Hurlbut joins Carl in the studio this week for a discussion about security, least-privileged development, and the SQL 2005 Service Broker.


Robert Hurlbut

Robert Hurlbut is an independent software developer and consultant and owner of Hurlbut Consulting, Inc. Robert is also a recent Microsoft MVP for Visual C#. Robert specializes in application security, distributed architectures, and database architecture and development. When not developing software, Robert speaks on security, application development, database development and developer best-practices to clients and user groups across the country. Robert is the leader of the Boston Code Brew Group, an extension of the existing Boston INETA Groups. He also speaks at industry conferences, including WIN-DEV, Code Camp, and Heartland Developers Conference. Robert is passionate about secure and least-privileged development and will remind you to try running and developing as a Non-Administrator on your machine. His latest interests are security penetration testing, secure plug-in architectures, and the new SQL Server 2005 Service Broker. You can reach Robert directly by email: Robert at Hurlbut-Consulting dot com. He also has a .NET blog at http://weblogs.asp.net/rhurlbut and a SQL Server blog at http://sqljunkies.com/weblog/rhurlbut/

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