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Usability Testing with Amber DeRosa and Alicia Hatter

Episode #959 Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Amber DeRosa and Alicia Hatter about usability testing. The conversation starts out by digging into what usability testing is all about - actually looking at how users are using your software... or perhaps would want to use your software. Amber and Alicia talk about working through usability studies even before the software is built to get a feel for what the user would really like. And while software is being built, routine testing digs deeper into how the software will be used, what users actually like to do with it and how that can affect the final product. The discussion also digs into the dynamic between the developers, QA, project management and usability testing - they all have important roles in building great software!


Amber DeRosa

Amber DeRosa is a Senior Usability Engineer at The Vanguard Group’s corporate headquarters. Amber received a Master’s degree in Information Science and Technology with a focus in HCI from Drexel University’s iSchool in 2004. Since graduating, Amber was the founding Vice-Chair of PhillyCHI, a local chapter of the ACM SIGCHI. She remains an active member of Philadelphia’s UX community.

Alicia Hatter

Alicia Hatter is a Usability manager and a practitioner at The Vanguard Group’s corporate headquarters. Alicia is a southeast native. In 2011, she graduated from Clemson University’s Communications and Information Design Ph.D. program, with a focus in usability. Before Vanguard, Alicia taught college-level courses in Composition, Business and Technical Communication, and Public Speaking.


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