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F# Everywhere with Neil Danson

Episode #955 Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Neil Danson about his experiences with F#. The conversation starts off connecting Carl's thoughts on neural networks and a listener question - so what is the role of F# in the big data analytic world? Neil digs into how F# has permeated all types of development in the .NET world, even WPF! There's also some serious discussion about quality of code in F# and how Bob Martin's SOLID principles can be applied to functional programming.


Neil Danson

Neil Danson is a Senior Software Developer and Team Lead at Trayport on the Joule trading screen. He has over 10 years development experience with .Net including C# and F#. After a break into the software industry writing software for the Military, followed by a stint in BBC News, Neil now spends his working life writing user interfaces for Energy Trading in WPF. In his spare time, Neil has spoken at the London F# user group, and participates in GameJams using F# and Monogame.


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