.NET Rocks!

Python on .NET with Michael Kennedy

Episode #951 Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to Michael Kennedy about using Python with .NET. Michael talks about the nature of Python and what makes it great (like whitespace counting). The conversation digs into the many forms of Python, some Windows friendly, some not so much, and many with specializations. Don't miss the discussion about the Zen of Python, and check out the huge collection of links for various Python bits!


Michael Kennedy

Michael is an author, an instructor, and the technical curriculum director at DevelopMentor. He is a co-creator and lead developer for LearningLine, DevelopMentor's online training platform. Michael is an experienced software developer and trainer passionate about .NET, MongoDB, Python and anything related to the web. He is the author of DevelopMentor's MongoDB and Python courses and a member of the MongoDB Masters community. Follow him on Twitter at @mkennedy.


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