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Javascript in the Enterprise with Justin Searls

Episode #940 Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the Houston #ModernApps2013 Road Trip stop, Carl and Richard talk to Justin Searls about using Javascript in the enterprise. Besides referencing an awesome number of tools around Javascript (check out the huge list of links!), Justin focuses in on how enterprise's often ignore the actual care and feeding of Javascript code within their organization. While he's certainly taken advantage of that ignorance, better that we all figure out how to treat Javascript like a first class language citizen with source control, testing and proper management. You know, like a real language!


Justin Searls

Justin Searls spends most of his time troubleshooting npm, tweeting about flight delays, and uncovering human problems where others see technical issues. He co-founded Test Double, a software agency of great people dedicated to making software that's better for businesses to manage, developers to work with, and customers to use.


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