.NET Rocks!

Building Zud.io with Mark Rendle

Episode #936 Thursday, December 26, 2013

While at NDC-London, Carl and Richard sat down with Mark Rendle about building Zud.io, a set of tools for handling storage in the cloud. The conversation starts out with a quick chat about TypeScript and it's role in development. Mark talks about the experience of working with BizSpark Plus to build a web-centric way to programmatically handle blobs, tables, queues and more. Also discussed is building a responsive web design web page that works well with desktops, tablets and phones. Next up for zud.io - series A funding!


Mark Rendle

Mark Rendle is 30 years old in hexadecimal and has been coding professionally for three-quarters of his life. His current mission is to get the world off of .NET 4 point whatever and onto .NET 5.0. In his spare time, he's started making games with Unity and has just released his first project on iOS and Android. Mark's hobbies include genetically modifying otters and decoding the hidden prophecies in the digits of pi.


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