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Lifetime Learning with Björn Granvik

Episode #932 Thursday, December 12, 2013

While at Øredev in Malmö, Sweden, Carl and Richard talk to Björn Granvik about being a lifetime learner. The conversation starts out with a history lesson about Øredev - Björn has been involved since the beginning. He talks about how the development firm he was involved with tried to improve learning with their developers... which ultimately led to creating a conference! Björn talks about understanding how you learn for yourself, and making time to continuously improve.


Björn Granvik

Björn Granvik has more than two decades of experience as a developer, architect, project leader and manager to mention just a few roles. Born in Pascal, fostered in C/C++ and reborn in Java, he still believes that "code matters" - second only to people and competence. Björn is a recurring speaker and expert panel facilitator usually around subjects like programming and agile methodologies. He can be found speaking in everything from user groups to conferences like Øredev.


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