.NET Rocks!

Building a Game in .NET with Magnorsky and O'Connor

Episode #910 Thursday, September 26, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Andrea Magnorsky and Andrew O'Connor about their experiences building games in .NET. The conversation starts out talking about the role of MonoGame and how Andrea and Andrew switched to Duality to build Honorbound. Andrea talks about working with artists and the need for visual editors that Duality provides. Andrew talks about the loss of XNA and the challenge of being an indie game developer - there are no good homes these days! Lots of discussion about the right way to distribute games. Game development in .NET is real! Make sure you activate your Windows Azure credits in your MSDN Subscription! You could win an Aston Martin!


Andrea Magnorsky

Andrea Magnorsky is a professional software developer and has accrued many years of experience building solid applications. She has been consuming new technologies and frameworks daily for the last 10 years in a never-ending quest for knowledge and a happy developer path. After a long life in the enterprise development world she is now developing games and the proud co-founder of BatCat Games. Andrea is involved in the organisation of Global GameCraft, Alt Net in Dublin and other code related communities in Ireland.

Andrew O'Connor

As co-founder and CEO of BatCat Games, Andrew O'Connor spends his days ignoring important business matters to work on fun game programming challenges. A .NET developer for 10+ years, Andrew gained an extensive knowledge of the Microsoft stack as an R&D programmer at innovative eLearning company InnerWorkings, but has now left the enterprise programming world behind to focus on his passion for making games. Andrew loves everything related to graphics programming, probably embarrassingly so, occasionally lectures about game development, and is also involved in the organization of Global GameCraft.


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