.NET Rocks!

Building Apps for Google Glass with Chris May

Episode #906 Thursday, September 12, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Chris May about building applications for the Google Glass. The conversation starts out talking about the fundamental capabilities of Glass, how it works and when/where it makes sense to use - and apparently driving is NOT one of them! While the native programming environment is Android (and locked down for the time being), there is a cloud-centric REST model with programming support for almost anything including .NET! Lots of discussion around wearable computing in general - is this the next iPod or the next Newton? Make sure you activate your Windows Azure credits in your MSDN Subscription! You could win an Aston Martin!


Chris May

Christopher has been writing software on the .NET framework since 2001 and currently runs a small dev shop focusing on ASP.NET / SQL Server applications. He began writing software on the Windows CE devices back in the 90s, and after owning nearly every CE or Pocket PC device, he now uses an iPhone :). Chris works on a variety of projects utilizing mostly the Microsoft stack: WebForms, MVC, SSRS, SQL Server, Javascript/jQuery, Telerik controls, Mercurial, WPF, Winforms etc. Chris holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Bradley University, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. He married his high school sweet heart Kathleen, and has 2 boys: Carter and Owen. You can find him on the web a chrismay.org or twitter @chrismaydev.


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