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NodeBots and RobotsConf with Chris Williams

Episode #902 Thursday, August 29, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Chris Williams about building and programming robots - all kinds of robots! After Carl opens with a conversation about the Internet of Things, Chris digs into the cool tiny computers that make it possible, like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Communicating with small computers takes cleverness too, so don't forget about serial and serial's grown-up cousin USB. From there, the conversation turns to different robots, especially quadcopters. Chris brings up his focus on getting kids more interested in computing - and embracing that they will always think about computing differently than we do! Get out there and change the world!


Chris Williams

Chris Williams is the creator of JSConf the conference for JavaScript and happens around the entire world at this point. He is the author of node-serialport and godfather to all that has become NodeBots and helped get NodeCopter off the ground (pun intended). He produced the community logo for JS which has become the defacto logo for the language in general (yellow square, JS text). He is now heading up an event called RobotsConf and RobotsWeekly which is hoping to bring software and web developers into the maker movement with little risk and effort.


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