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Using Azure Blob Storage for Continuous Delivery with Guy Starbuck

Episode #901 Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Guy Starbuck about his use of Azure Blob Storage as part of his continuous delivery solution. Guy starts out talking about how blob storage was built to handle huge files (like VHDs) but works just fine with small files - and is very cost effective! From there, Guy talks about how he's able to use Blob Storage to place Click-Once applications of his clients for testing purposes, making it easy to include his remote customers in the continuous delivery process. Great way to think about using the cloud for testing!


Guy Starbuck

Guy, a Software Development Manager and Architect with Yahara Software in Madison, WI, has been designing and developing business software for more than fifteen years. In recent years he has embraced Agile methodologies, and he is always striving to improve his projects with technology, communications, and operational efficiency. Guy lives in Waunakee, Wisconsin with his wife and two kids. He enjoys the outdoors, learning, and spending time with his family.


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