.NET Rocks!

Big Data with Hadoop with Jeremiah Peschka

Episode #898 Thursday, August 15, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Jeremiah Peschka about implementing Hadoop in the .NET world. Jeremiah starts out the discussion pointing to a blog post he's done on the Basics of Hadoop (check the links) and how the focus of Hadoop is on the cloud - pre-configured Hadoop solutions in the cloud make life easier, but you have to get the data there. Jeremiah digs into the diversity of tools available to work with Hadoop - you can use SQL-like commands, or build your own controlling code in C#. And what about data mining? Big Data is here to stay! Don't forget to activate your MSDN Azure account and be automatically entered to win an Aston Martin V8 Vantage!


Jeremiah Peschka

Jeremiah Peschka helps developers, DBAs, and engineers build faster, robust, and scalable solutions; Microsoft SQL Server is frequently a part of that solution, but other databases are also. He has worked as a database and emerging technology expert at Quest Software researching new trends and technologies around data storage. Before that Jeremiah worked across many industries as a system administrator, developer, and DBA, and has been involved in all aspects of application development and deployment.


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