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Working with Creatives and Fabio Matsui

Episode #894 Thursday, August 1, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Fabio Matsui about working effectively with creative personnel in an organization. The conversation starts out just defining what we mean by design - the different types of designers (UX, visual, motion, graphics, etc) and their role in the team. Fabio then dives into the challenges of putting different mindsets together to create synergy - where the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Great teams make it possible to do amazing things!


Fabio Matsui

Fabio is the Chief Technology Officer at [wire] stone, an integrated agency at the intersection of evolving technology and human behavior. He has been developing software long enough he can confidently say he has written apps in dead languages. Fabio has developed embedded system kernels, device drivers, industrial process control systems, computer telephony systems, enterprise web applications and interactive touch experiences. Throughout his career, he is always involved in deep technical activities, from hacking punched cards machines to developing Microsoft Kinect apps. Fabio leads the [wire] stone labs initiative where the team plays with the latest ideas, concepts and technologies.


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