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Continuous Delivery on Azure with Cory Fowler

Episode #891 Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Cory Fowler from Microsoft about how developers can put together a continuous delivery solution on Azure. The conversation starts out with a discussion about the core concepts of continuous delivery - integrating build and testing together with lots of automation to create a minimum number of manual steps as possible. Cory describes how Azure becomes the environment for development, QA and production, and how the MSDN subscription can help at each step of the way. Lots of tools are discussed, there are many ways to get to this level of automation.


Cory Fowler

Cory Fowler is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist at Microsoft with a focus towards open source web technologies. He has an extensive background in Web Development from the Startup scene to the Financial Services sector. Cory is proud to be both Canadian and a Ginger. You can find Cory online under the handle SyntaxC4 or read his blog at blog.syntaxc4.net


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