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Derik Whittaker Migrates from XAML to HTML

Episode #873 Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Derik Whittaker about his experiences migrating from being a XAML developer to being an HTML developer. The conversation starts out talking about the death of Silverlight - or at least the severe neglect! From there, Derik describes the group of tools he uses to bring MVVM design patterns to HTML development. Along with some weird digressions on WinForms, this is a fun show and a great starting point for anyone ready to leave Silverlight behind!


Derik Whittaker

Derik Whittaker is a Software Architect who specializes in all things .Net. Derik has been building enterprise systems on top of the .Net technology stack for over 12 years and along the way has picked up a thing or two about how to create killer systems. During his 12 year career Derik has worked in many different industries ranging from Marking, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Automotive and Online Entertainment. Currently Derik is working for a Technology startup (VStrator.com) in Raleigh North Carolina helping them build a killer technology solution which will enable coaches to better train their athletes.


Derik believes that the job of a developer is more than just turning syntax into working 1’s and 0’s. He believes that our job is to produce a system which gets out of the users way and allows them to do their job better.


Derik has been awarded the Microsoft MVP in C# for the past 5 years. Along with being an MVP he is also a member of the ASPInsiders group and a PluralSight author. Derik is a community leader, helping to organize events such as Raleigh Code Camp, Chicago Code Camp and Chicago's Codeapalooza. Outside of coding you can find Derik hanging out with his beautiful wife Tiffany and his 2 awesome boys Brendan and Ryan.


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