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Pablo Santos Does DVCS with PlasticSCM

Episode #869 Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Pablo Santos about Plastic SCM. Plastic SCM is a free ALM tool for managing source and tracking for up to 15 developers - after that you have to pay. The conversation starts out with the concept of task-driven development, letting many developers work simultaneously on a project while each focusing on individual tasks. The challenge is excessive forking of the code - how do you get everything merged together again? Pablo talks about the powerful merge system of PlasticSCM to help identify identical code by functionality, not just syntax. Other strengths include great cross-platform support, integration with multiple IDEs, and support for lots of third party tools. Well worth checking out!


Pablo Santos

Pablo Santos is one of Codice Software's co-founders together with David Suarez. Pablo started up Codice back in 2005 and since then has been deeply involved in the design and development of Plastic SCM. He's a frequent blogger and speaker and an Associate Professor at the University of Burgos (Spain). Prior to Codice, he worked as SCM consultant, as ERP software development manager, developed digital TV at Sony and GPS based tracking software at GMV. When not coding, writing or teaching you'll find him riding bikes both on track and long roads.


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