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David Pitcher Instruments Applications Internally at Microsoft

Episode #860 Thursday, April 4, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to David Pitcher, part of Microsoft's internal IT team, about his experiences instrumenting applications. The conversation digs into the application in question, a Windows Phone app for allowing tech support personnel manage tech support problems on the go. Then David discusses the impact of instrumentation on the application in the form of PreEmptive Analytics, a free version of which is included with Visual Studio 2012. David describes how instrumentation has changed the way the team does error handling in general, prioritized features and bug fixes, and in some cases created whole other features to be designed! Instrumentation is a key part of the DevOps movement and it makes software better!


David Pitcher

David Pitcher is a Senior Software Engineer and Automation Architect for Corporate Functions IT. He is currently responsible for the management of automation infrastructure and growing organizational engineering maturity for over 150 of the company’s Financial, HR, and Legal applications. David is also responsible for the development of best practices and prescriptive guidance that enables engineering teams to optimize build, deployment, instrumentation, and monitoring of business applications.


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