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Amir Rajan Does Frictionless Development with Oak

Episode #859 Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Amir Rajan about his Oak project on GitHub. Amir discusses his approach to building Single Page Applications (SPA) using an array of open source tools including Rake (from the Ruby stack), nSpec, Canopy, Growl and more. The conversation digs into how C# fits into the equation and how Oak provides the dynamic typing that C# needs to work well in the JavaScript driven world of SPA. Amir also talks about how this development stack works well with different editors since it is file focused for compilation, testing and deployment. There's a little taste of DevOps in this great conversation on modern web development!


Amir Rajan

Amir is a Principal Consultant with Improving Enterprises. He is an active member of the development community and has expertise in ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, REST Architectures, Ruby, Javascript/CoffeeScript, NodeJS, iOS/ObjectiveC, F#, WCF, Windows Phone and Silverlight (rest in peace). Amir is a true polyglot with an unwavering passion for software (just check out his GitHub repository list if you don't believe me), and is always striving to better the industry through open source contributions, training, and blogging.


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