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Mike Hadlow Uses EasyNetQ to Talk RabbitMQ

Episode #848 Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Mike Hadlow about EasyNetQ, a simple API for .NET developers to communicate with RabbitMQ. The conversation starts out dealing with the fundamentals of queuing, it's advantages (and disadvantages) and how it impacts your architecture. Mike also digs into Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) and how it differs from RabbitMQ. From there Mike digs into the role of EasyNetQ and how it relates to products like MassTransit and nServiceBus. Whether you're new to queuing, just digging into MSMQ or keen to go deep on queuing, this show is for you!


Mike Hadlow

Mike Hadlow works as a freelance .NET developer and architect. He writes a blog, 'Code Rant', and is the author of several open source projects including Suteki Shop, an eCommerce application, and EasyNetQ a simple API for RabbitMQ. He lives in Lewes on the south coast of the UK.


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