.NET Rocks!

Yan Cui Builds Games in F#

Episode #846 Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Yan Cui about his experience building games with F#. Yan talks about his experiences working with games through Facebook, the client side being predominantly Flash, but the back end systems being initially Java, then converted to C#, and now to F#. As Yan explains, F# is faster, smaller, easier to maintain and to read. The conversation spans over dealing with parallelism, massive scale, cloud implementation and data analytics as well - lots of cool stuff!


Yan Cui

Yan Cui is a UK based developer building social games for millions of active players, where he works closely with cloud computing platforms and a polyglot stack including F# and C#. Yan is also a regular speaker and blogger on topics such as AOP, NoSQL and F#.


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