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Geeking Out with a Nuclear Entrepreneur

Episode #844 Thursday, February 7, 2013

Carl and Richard revisit nuclear power with Rod Adams, who has spent most of his career working in nuclear power. Rod talks about his experiences running nuclear reactors in US Navy submarines and then digs into nuclear power generations world wide. The discussion digs into the differences between light water and heavy water reactors, the role of breeder reactors and the reality that nuclear waste isn't waste at all - its carefully stored and contained for eventual reuse in more modern reactor designs. Rod also shares his thoughts on up-and-coming nuclear technologies including thorium, pebble bed and travelling wave.


Rod Adams

Rod Adams is a pro-nuclear advocate with extensive small nuclear plant operating experience. Former Engineer Officer, USS Von Steuben. Founder, Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. Host and producer, The Atomic Show Podcast. You can subscribe to The Atomic Show RSS feed. Follow atomicrod on Twitter.


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