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Andrew Brust Processes Big Data

Episode #839 Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Andrew Brust about Big Data. Andrew starts off connecting together the definitions of business intelligence, data analytics, OLAP, data warehousing and big data. They're all related, even though they've come at the problem of understanding data from different directions. The conversation digs deeply into Hadoop, the Linux-centric MapReduce technology that has come to define the idea of Big Data, as well as Microsoft's implementation once called Project Isotope and now known as HDInsight. How big is Big Data? That's up to you!


Andrew Brust

Blue Badge Insights CEO Andrew Brust has worked with Microsoft technologies for two decades; been an influencer in the Microsoft tech community for 20 years; and has worked closely with both Microsoft's Redmond-based corporate team and its field organization for over 15.

Andrew is a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP. He is the co-author of "Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012" (Microsoft Press, 2012). Andrew founded the Microsoft Business Intelligence and Big Data User Group of New York City in 2010, and co-founded the NYC .NET Developer Group in 2001. In addition, he is on the Advisory Board of The New York Tech Council.

Andrew is a frequent speaker at developer industry events, and is the co-chair of the Visual Studio Live! family of conferences. Andrew is the 'Big on Data' blogger for ZDNet. In the publications world, Andrew's been a contributing editor to Visual Studio Magazine for almost 20 years and is also a columnist for that magazine.


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