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Rob Reynolds Builds Chocolatey

Episode #836 Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carl and Richard talk to Rob Reynolds about Chocolatey - a global PowerShell execution engine. But first, the conversation digs into the Chuck Norris Framework! Yes, that's right, a framework based on violent karate moves, Rob talks about Roundhouse, a migration and source management tool for SQL, as well as DropKick, a deployment framework and UpperCut, a template build manager. There's more to Chuck Norris than just these bits, check it out in the show notes! Finally the conversation comes around the Chocolatey, aka apt-get for Windows. Rob talks about how Chocolatey


Rob Reynolds

Rob is a developer turned founder. He has been involved with several highly successful open source projects related to automation in the Windows ecosystem. Rob has over 14 years experience in infrastructure automation and modern automation approaches (something most folks simply call “CI/CD” and “DevOps” nowadays). Rob is the founder of Chocolatey Software. You may or may not know Rob personally, but you've likely heard of Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows.


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