.NET Rocks!

Faster Development Cycles at Better Software

Episode #828 Thursday, December 13, 2012

While at the Orlando stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard stopped at the Better Software conference to have some conversations about fast development cycles. The first conversation is with Jesse Dowdle, who has a web app shipping new versions several times a day, with great visibility into the production environment to get feedback rapidly to developers. The second conversation is with Mathew Bissett, working for the UK Government, who participated in bringing an application that shipped a version every nine months down to 22 weeks, then to 6 weeks, and now daily and looking to go even faster! How fast can development cycles go, and what does it take to speed them up?


Jesse Dowdle

Senior manager of development for AtTask Inc. Jesse Dowdle directs the engineering efforts of nearly a dozen agile teams in the U.S. and overseas. Successful engineering in a fast-paced industry requires constant research in emerging technologies. Jesse drives thought leadership on continuous delivery, development best practices, and process evolution to help AtTask ship software at lightning speed. Happiest when he’s building great software, Jesse sees technology, process, and people as equally important prerequisites for success. A native of Utah, where he enjoys fast cars in the summer and snowboarding in winter, Jesse tweets at @dowdlemj and blogs.

Mathew Bissett

Mathew Bissett has been working for Her Majesty’s Government for more than six years, having been recruited straight from University. Deployed into the integration and test team of his department’s main engineering group, Mathew demonstrated strong leadership qualities to quickly progress from test analyst through test team lead to test management. Currently the test manager responsible for the integration and testing of his area’s flagship system, he has driven through delivery process improvements to enable weekly deliveries. Mathew has delivered many talks within his government department and has presented at a British Computer Society Special Interest Group in Software Testing conference.


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