.NET Rocks!

Rocky Lhotka Brings CSLA to Windows 8 and Beyond

Episode #817 Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While at the Charlotte stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard sit down with Rocky Lhotka to talk about his latest incarnation of CSLA. Yes it's true, Rocky has gotten CSLA running on Windows 8 in the Windows Store (formerly known as Metro) mode. Rocky talks through the challenges of making CSLA work - how do you live without reflection? The conversation turns more philosophical about the direction of development as whole. Computing is undergoing a major inflection point!


Rocky Lhotka

Rockford Lhotka is Chief Software Architect at Marimer LLC and is the creator of the open source CSLA .NET development framework. He is the author of numerous books, and regularly speaks at major conferences around the world. Rockford is a member of the Microsoft Regional Director and MVP programs. For more information go to https://lhotka.net.


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