.NET Rocks!

Don Syme and Keith Battocchi Bring F# Everywhere

Episode #813 Tuesday, October 23, 2012

While at the Boston stop of the .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2012 Launch Road Trip, Carl and Richard talk to Don Syme and Keith Battocchi about F# 3.0. Don and Keith talk about their roles in building F#, still being part of Microsoft Research and working with Microsoft's Developer Division in Redmond. The conversation also digs into F#'s ability to create type providers for accessing internal and external data as if it is part of the language. Call it the ultimate extension to IntelliSense!


Don Syme

Don Syme is a researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge. His first major project at Microsoft was .NET Generics, which he proposed to the Microsoft Product teams in 1999 and saw through to productization in C#, VB and C++ in Visual Studio 2005. Since then he has been researcher and design lead on F#, which is now transitioning to a more official status through a partnership with the Microsoft Developer Division.

Keith Battocchi

Keith Battocchi is part of the F# team in Microsoft Research's Programming Principles and Tools group. Keith has been contributing templates, samples, and guidance to make it easier to do data-rich programming with F#, with a particular emphasis on F# 3.0's Type Providers. Keith has been using F# enthusiastically since 2007, and answers many F#-related questions on StackOverflow.com under the handle kvb.


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