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Jon Rozenblit Explores Azure's New Features

Episode #801 Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Jon Rozenblit about the latest set of features in Azure. The conversation starts with a discussion about Azure Mobile Services, which is really a REST storage system that doesn't need to involve mobile at all - maybe they'll fix the name! Next, with Richard's encouragement, Carl talks about his need for virtual machines and Jon digs into the features of the new virtual machine features in Azure. Jon also tackles the challenge of pricing, running on premise and how the new features in Azure make things easier for moving from on-premise to cloud and back again. Great conversation if you're ready to take a fresh look at Azure!


Jonathan Rozenblit

Jonathan Rozenblit is a Technology Advisor with Microsoft Canada, focused on arming developers, architects, and development managers with the information, skills, and tools they need in order to leverage the power of the Microsoft platform. He spends his day talking about the Cloud, Windows 8, and Windows Phone; blogging on the Canadian Developer Connection blog; is the host of online shows such as Developers, Developers, Developers: LIVE & INTERACTIVE, and the AlignIT Manager Tech Talk; and chatting with Canadian developers in the Canadian Developer Connection group on LinkedIn.


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