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Andrew Arnott Logs In with DotNetOpenAuth

Episode #789 Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Andrew Arnott about DotNetOpenAuth. DotNetOpenAuth is an implementation of OAuth, OpenID and InfoCard technologies is an easy-to-use-package for .NET developers. Andrew talks about the evolution, features and challenges of each of the respective technologies. DotNetOpenAuth is available today and will be bundled with Visual Studio 2012. Get on the identification and authentication bandwagon today!


Andrew Arnott

Andrew Arnott is a husband, father of two kids. He attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a B.S. in Information Technology. He has worked at Microsoft for 6 years, currently building new Windows 8 tooling support into Visual Studio 2012. He enjoys spending his extra time at home writing software to help protect Internet consumer identity. And he thinks the only way to watch Tron: Legacy is in 3D at the IMAX.


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