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Uncle Bob Talks about the Future of Object Orientation

Episode #784 Thursday, July 12, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Bob Martin about where object orientation is going. Bob starts out talking about the fundamentals of where object orientation came from and how it has progressed over the years. The conversation then digs into how hardware has changed - the CPU manufacturers have stopped making faster processors and switched to making more processors. The impact of this change means developers have to write parallel executing code, something that object orientation makes difficult. Bob talks about the resurgence of functional programming as a reaction to the need for parallelism. Has object orientation run its course?


Bob Martin

Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) has been a software professional since 1970 and an international software consultant since 1990. In the last 40 years, he has worked in various capacities on literally hundreds of software projects. In 2001, he initiated the meeting of the group that created Agile Software Development from Extreme Programming techniques and served as the first chairman of the Agile Alliance. He is also a leading member of the Worldwide Software Craftsmanship Movement - Clean Code.


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