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Paul Betts and Tim Clem Use GitHub with Windows

Episode #778 Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Paul Betts and Tim Clem of Git about the new GitHub for Windows. GitHub has always been accessible by Windows, but far more Linux friendly. GitHub for Windows addresses this with a standalone client for GitHub. No Visual Studio required!


Paul Betts

Paul Betts has been working at GitHub for 1 year. Before that he worked at Microsoft on the Office Labs team doing prototypes for future versions of Office. He also worked on Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7.

Tim Clem

Tim Clem started as an EE building embedded systems using artificial Neural Networks. He went from assembly language to C and into C# and managed code. He's been at Github for year and a half. He worked on their public API in Ruby and also the Mac App. He kicked off GitHub for Windows about a year ago and hasn't looked back.


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