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Jeroen Hulscher Builds Accessible Web Applications

Episode #761 Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Jeroen Hulscher about web accessibility. Accessibility challenges come in lots of different forms, and the way we build web pages can make it impossible for some to use your site. Jeroen talks about the tools and techniques to help developers understand what you need to do to make your site easy to use no matter what challenges you might have. As Jeroen says, at some point all of us are going to have some accessibility issues - the web site you make accessible may one day help you!


Jeroen Hulscher

Jeroen Hulscher is an accessibility evangelist at Microsoft in the Netherlands, and a passionate code purist and interaction nerd. At Microsoft he works hard to inspire and activate both the BDM-audience (i.e. Business Decision Makers) and the developer community to build better websites and web applications.


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