.NET Rocks!

Memory Management with Ricky Leeks

Episode #760 Thursday, April 19, 2012

Carl and Richard have a discussion with a vegetable. Yeah, that's right, we interviewed a leek named Ricky Leeks. Beyond all the endless puns, is a great conversation about memory management in .NET. Ricky also lets us know about a free e-book on .NET Memory Management you can download from the links in the show. Check it out!


Ricky Leeks

Ricky Leeks has been a .NET evangelist for as long as he can remember. As a memory management expert and vegetable, his interests are a curious cross-section of development and horticulture, including .NET troubleshooting and extreme gardening. Ricky is constantly speaking to the developer community about how to improve their application performance and reduce memory consumption. He advocates a deeper understanding of the .NET framework as the best way to take your code to the next level, and works closely with expert authors to develop great training material for the .NET community.


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