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Steve Rogalsky Maps User Stories

Episode #750 Thursday, March 15, 2012

While at the Prairie DevCon in Calgary, Carl and Richard chatted with Steve Rogalsky about User Story Mapping. Steve explains how User Story Mapping helps with visualizing beyond a serial list of features into categories of features in the product. The conversation also explores how Kanban, Scrum and other techniques work with User Story Mapping, as well as the struggles of using Microsoft Project.


Steve Rogalsky

Steve Rogalsky first started experimenting with agile and lean techniques as a child. He learned the importance of ‘test first’ and the folly of ‘test last’ after starting a snow ball fight with the older kids in the neighbourhood. While playing the popular lego game of ‘zoom your vehicle towards your brother’s vehicle and see which one breaks first’, he honed his simple design and iterative development skills. As a pre-teen, while playing Monopoly on the Commodore 64 with his younger brother, he discovered the value of user stories. Modifying the BASIC code, he implemented the following user story successfully: “As an [older brother], I want to [secretly add cash to my younger brother’s account], so that [he will continue playing even when he is hopelessly losing].” Today, Steve applies these childhood lessons as an agilist and team member at Protegra. He works with fellow team members and clients to apply agile principles and practices in order to build quality in, increase communication, and improve the outcome of projects. Known to experiment with new agile techniques, he is often testing out new practices on his unsuspecting team members as part of his commitment to continuous improvement. Steve is also a founder of the Winnipeg Agile Users Group, a Post-It and Sharpie junkie, green bar addict, speaker, dad and husband.


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