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Clemens Vasters is Still on the Service Bus

Episode #741 Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Clemens Vasters about his work on the service bus. These days the service bus is called the Windows Azure Service Bus - part of Azure. Clemens talks about how the service bus makes building reliable applications easier as well as how making the service bus free for a few months has driven traffic up to record levels and the challenges that brought to the team.


Clemens Vasters

Clemens Vasters is Product Architect for the Azure Messaging Platform, which includes Service Bus in the cloud as well as Azure Event Hubs. He and his team also created Azure Event Grid, Azure Notification Hubs and Azure IoT Hub which are now with dedicated teams within Microsoft. He’s participating in several standardization efforts, including guiding Microsoft’s messaging engagement strategy in OASIS, and he is a member of the OPC UA working group and the OPC Foundation’s technical advisory council.


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