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Eric Sink Distributes His Source

Episode #739 Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Eric Sink about his latest work in distributed version control. Eric talks about his latest project called Veracity, an open source distributed version control system that makes it easy for widely distributed teams to share source. The conversation digs into the sometimes subtle variations between source control systems and why their users are loyal and vocal to their preferred products. Lots of digressions and explorations, along with an offer for free books - check out the links for how to get a copy!


Eric Sink

Eric Sink is the founder of SourceGear, a software vendor in central Illinois. In 2003, SourceGear released Vault, a version control tool designed to be a replacement for SourceSafe. Nine years later, Vault continues to be a successful product in its niche. More recently, Eric has been focused on a next-generation project. Veracity is a Distributed Version Control System (like Git and Mercurial). It is open source (Apache License) and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). In 2011, Eric published a free book called Version Control by Example. VCBE is available online and free printed copies are available from SourceGear (until we run out).


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