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Rob Labbe Gets Us Rolling on the Security Development Lifecycle

Episode #738 Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Rob Labbe about the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). After a quick detour down the SOPA discussion, Rob fills the boys in on how the SDL maps neatly to a regular development lifecycle, just including security every step of the way. Rob also introduces the tools of the SDL, providing support for every step of the development lifecycle, from requirements to design to implementation and verification.


Rob Labbe

Rob Labbé is a Senior Security Program Manager in Microsoft IT’s Information Security and Risk Management team. Rob has over 8 years’ experience working with internal and external application development teams, helping them develop high quality, secure line of business applications. He has extensive experience helping teams design and develop good application development processes and practices based upon Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). Rob is currently working in the Infrastructure Security Services team, bringing a touch of developer sanity to the insane world of infrastructure security.


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