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Development Practices at Oredev

Episode #722 Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another set of stories from Oredev, this time around development practices. The first interview is with Dan North, where he discusses how development teams can move beyond just being able to ship software into something he calls hyper-productivity. He talks about teams that ship software twenty times a day! Next up, Jean Tabaka talks about how RallyDev uses Agile practices to make the entire company Agile. At RallyDev every person is involved in planning out the vision of the company quarter to quarter, from developer to executive. Finally, Gary Short digs into the challenges of technical debt - the idea that shortcuts in code increase the cost of development in the long term. Sometimes debt make sense, getting more features shipped in less time. But eventually the debt has to be repaid or the project goes bankrupt, unable to ship new features and ultimately cancelled.


Dan North

Dan North uses his deep technical and organisational knowledge to help CIOs, business and software teams to deliver quickly and successfully. He puts people first and finds simple, pragmatic solutions to business and technical problems, often using lean and agile techniques. With thirty years of experience in IT, Dan is a frequent speaker at technology and business conferences worldwide. The originator of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) and Deliberate Discovery, Dan has published feature articles in numerous software and business publications, and contributed to The RSpec Book: Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec, Cucumber, and Friends and 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts. He occasionally blogs at https://dannorth.net/blog.

Jean Tabaka

Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow with Rally Software, is continuing to learn about software development principles, processes, and practices. She seeks humane approaches that deliver high value in our business communities. Her work in product development flow reaches beyond traditional Agile. She also works in systems thinking and complexity theory. Jean holds a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and is the author of ‚ÄúCollaboration Explained‚ÄĚ and other articles on Agile organizations. Jean blogs at www.rallydev.com/agileblog and tweets as @jeantabaka.

Gary Short

Gary Short is a Data Solution Architect at Microsoft, based in Dundee, UK. He has a deep understanding of the full Hadoop and HDInsight environment, as well as an interest in Predictive Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Computational Linguistics Machine Vision. Gary can be found on Twitter (@garyshort) and Facebook (TheOtherGaryShort).

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