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Cool Projects at Oredev

Episode #720 Thursday, December 1, 2011

Next up from Oredev - the cool projects! Carl and Richard talk to the one-and-only Tess Ferrandez from Microsoft. Tess has moved on from the mad debugging skills she blogged about to focus on Kinect and Windows Phone 7. The conversation digs into using Kinect beyond XBox games. Next up, Luca Minudel discusses his experiences building software for Formula One racing, perhaps the ultimate gadget ever! Finally, the show closes with Henrik Andersson of Tobii talking about prototype eye tracking hardware built into a laptop. Tobii also makes a .NET SDK so that you can easily add eye tracking to a XAML application. These are just some of the cool projects that were talked about at Oredev!


Tess Ferrandez

Tess is a developer evangelist at Microsoft and her job is to inspire developers and help them use the Microsoft products to their full potential. Right now the focus is on Windows Phone, Kinect, HTML5 and web apps, and she has a long history as a ASP.net developer and debugger. She runs a popular blog about debugging and development at http://blogs.msdn.com/Tess and you can reach her through the twitter handle @tessferrandez.

Luca Minudel

Extreme Programmer and Lean-Agile Coach, experienced in Scrum, XP and Lean-Agile. Has worked with large and legacy code-bases, complex domains, enterprise level applications. Working in professional software development since 1989. With Agile practices since 2002. During 2006-2009 has contributed to advance the adoption of Agile practices in a leading F1 Racing Team. In a unique context characterized by high levels of pressure, uncertainty, interdependency and rapid unpredictable changes.

Henrik Andersson

Henrik Andersson is 50% .net developer, 50% snowboarder. He works at Tobii Technology in Sweden, building eyecontrolled prototypes in WPF. Henrik really believes that eyecontrol will change how we build UI in a near future affecting interaction in ways that we cannot even imagine yet. He is a former restaurant manager that fell for WPF at launch, walked away from the restaurant and became a fulltime developer instead. He's been working ever since, targeting on the MVVM-part using TDD. Henrik is a sucker for gadgets and buys everything with a LED, probably has enough lego mindstorm to start a new planet and is currently trying converting it to netduino. However, he can still deliver some good action on the backside wall on a good day!


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