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Episode #715 Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The first of the vignette shows from Oredev, this show focuses on web development. The first conversation is with Peter Moskovits, talking about using HTML 5 WebSockets to build real bi-directional communicating applications in the browser. The second part of the show the boys talk to Troels Thomsen about building web applications in the cloud using AppHarbor. AppHarbor focuses on making it simple to take existing ASP.NET applications into the cloud. Finally, the last conversation is with Robby Ingebretsen talking about how closely related designers and developers actually are. A great group of stories and one of many sets from Oredev!


Peter Moskovits

Peter is a Developer Advocate for Kaazing, a software company enhancing the way business and customers communicate across the Web using the new HTML5 WebSocket standard. Peter works closely with the developer community to architect and deploy the best possible web communication solutions. Before joining Kaazing, in various product management leadership roles, Peter was responsible for Oracle's portal product strategy. Peter is the co-author of the Oracle WebCenter 11g Handbook and is a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, such as JavaOne, Oracle OpenWorld, and various user group meetings.

Troels Thomsen

Troels has been programming since he was eleven and asked his father for an advice on how to kill time, so even though he dropped out of Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen a year early, he immediately pursued senior engineering and architect roles in Danish startups. He is now involved as a co-founder and technical lead in AppHarbor, a .NET Platform-as-a-Service.

Robby Ingebretsen

Robby Ingebretsen is a user experience designer and developer with a singular purpose: making great ideas real. As founder and principal of Pixel Lab, Robby helps clients make stuff -- especially the sort of stuff that gets made from the unique full-bodied blend of a little design love and little engineering kung-fu.


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