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Scott Allen Builds Web Pages With Modernizr

Episode #712 Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Scott Allen about Modernizr, an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites by reporting browser features. Scott talks about how Modernizr focuses on actually testing for the availability of features on a browser, rather than just relying on the browser useragent and a browser capabilities file. Along the way there is plenty of IE6 bashing.


Scott Allen

K. Scott Allen is the founder of OdeToCode LLC and a software consultant who lives near Baltimore, MD. Scott has 18 years of commercial software development experience across a wide range of technologies. He has delivered software products for embedded devices, Windows desktop, web, and mobile platforms. He has developed web services for Fortune 50 companies and firmware for startups. Scott is also a speaker at international conferences, the co‚Äďauthor of Professional ASP.NET MVC 3, and he delivers classroom training and mentoring to companies around the world.


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