.NET Rocks!

Alexander Groß Deals with Machine Specifications

Episode #709 Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Alexander Groß about Machine.Specification (MSpec). MSpec was initially developed by Aaron Jensen as a context/specification framework to help construct tests in a more behaviour driven development style. MSpec provides a language for describing the context and requirements of a test that business owners can read. Trying to get your head around test-first? Check out MSpec!


Alexander Groß

Alexander Groß is a freelance developer and trainer from Leipzig, Germany. Since he was first introduced to .NET in 2003 he specializes in the core framework getting a kick out of building backend systems and improving development processes. Alex leads the.NET User Group in Leipzig and is one of the organizers of the .NET Open Space “unconference“ that first took place in 2008 and today hosts about 175 attendees. JetBrains elected him an “Academy Expert” (similar to Microsoft’s MVP programme) in 2009 for his community building efforts and constant feedback about JetBrains’ products. When he’s not coding he likes to cook and sharpen his Japanese kitchen knives.


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